Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Epic Rap Battle - Percee P Vs. Lord Finesse

It seems like now a days the art form of a good old fashioned rap battle has been lost. Now everything is clouded in internet beefing with silly Youtube videos and silly back and forth arguments on twitter .....Shit's wack son. So here is throwback to the birthplace of Hip-Hop, NY; in 1989 and a legendary battle that occurred between two grandmasters of Hip-Hop; Percee P & Lord Finesse. Back when lines weren't filled with curses and  adlibs...Just Lyrical Fitness....

^Part 1 - South Bronx , New York 1989^

^Part 2 - South Bronx, New York 1989^

To show that its all love Percee P and Lord Finesse reunited in the same spot recently to kick a few more rhymes.

 There you have it real Hip-Hop at its finest. Educate yourself and keep keepin' it REAL...

Written by: DJ Kase One for WeAreTheCity