Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Young Gunz

Peep out this video of some local up and coming rippers.. We Are The City is not a group, team, or clique.. we're just a group of friends that want to give back to the skateboarding community in St Louis and give everyone a chance to shine and document tricks. If ya got something send it over stldotglobal@yahoo.com

Monday, August 30, 2010

Keep Keepin' It Real...

It's no doubt that times are rough out here. It Seems like some corporation is always tryin' to push some new style or some whimsical bullshit down your throat and on your back at every turn in an effort to make money off your ass. And you best be sure that there is no shortage of soulless kids who wanna walk like you, talk like you and look like you. I'm an old head and we used to call it "posing". Posing has been turned into a science. They even have stores dedicated to this. You can walk right in and buy what I call, "costumes"; like a "random skater guy" costume; a "token Hip-Hop Head" costume or maybe a "future stripper in training" costume for your sister. Shit's so bad, that now a days, you might see your mom wearing a "DC" Shirt.

That's right your MOM is a poser

"shit's rough in these streets" to quote a fellow OG.

But I Digress...so back to whole point of this post, which is "Keepin' It Real", and leave you with Fat Joe's "Shit is Real".

This track was Fat Joe's retort to the overwhelming flood of fake gangsta rappers in the mid 90's and is a cut of his album "Jealous One's Envy" (J.O.E.). That's right Fat Joe was known for keepin' it real as a graffiti artist and member of the legendary hip-hop crew D.I.T.C. back in the day.

This all being before his current exploits driving speed boats with ex-corrections officer turned mafia Don, Rick Ross, in Miami... that shit is real too... some real bullshh...... But you get the point.


btw "We Out Here!"

Out Here Grinding....Literally

Yea, its Monday again... another day at school, work, slangin, banging, or whatever your hustle may be to survive on these streets. But this is why you come to the We Are The City blog to relieve yourself from that shit.. Another good weekend of skating and living life -

Went to shitside to do kick it and warm up, just so happens everyone was there hitting hella tricks!
Adam Edelman -Fs 5-0 nosegrab

Chris Jackson-Blunt to Fakie

OG Matt Minton- Fs Feeble

OG Joe Herbert- Bs Feeble to Fakie

below you will see some featured YG's (Im bad with names so unfortunately that part is left out)
BUT... these fools were ripping it up and are the future


Frontside Flip

Yes they did stick these tricks dont be sleeping on the young bucks cause they might fuck around and shit on you ....haha

Chris Smith - Fs Tailslide
Never been to this spot.. luckily the homie Chris was cool enough to take us here.. so you may be seeing more shit at this spot soon

Oh also, we hit this up out of pure randomness... Of all my years of living off of South Grand I have never been to this - Festival of Nations. It was pretty chill actually, lot of different cultures there.. and some really good looking food

We Out Here.. luckilly these people were cool enough to let us take a photo. I think they were from Upper Haight

But after all of that we decided to hit up this Qdoba across the street from the festival.. shit was on point!

Until the next time

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sick Ass Photo

Check this photo of my nigga Jared Owens that the homie Worf took.. obviously you've probably already seen it if you check the Pretty site like you should daily anyway (if you dont kill yoself!)

Good Vibes=Great Skating .....and dank photos

San Francisco vol. 3

here's some more pics from frisco.. this day we just cruised around and skated shit along the pier... shit was sick!

George, Bobby, Jabari

Jared, Bobby, George

bay bridge

this fool is dope as fuck.."little john" cant find any of his footage.. but you'll see some bangin clips in the montage

Bobby- switch nose manny

Jared- Across the street from SF library

More Frisco coverage to come
Catch ya'll in the streets this weekend! if ya don't grind ya don't shine


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jackson Edwards

Matt Minton sent us over this video he filmed of his homie Jack.. this shit is dope! check it out

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Are The City: Puerto Rico

While we were in San Francisco a week or so ago.. the homeboy Antonio was in Puerto Rico holding it down.. He sent us over some pics, shit looks dope! Get out and live- the world is too big to not travel

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We on one!

We was on 1 this weekend, skating super hard. It was definitely a good time kickin it and skating.. thats what its all about. Check some of what went down this weekend

Hit up this spot in Pine Lawn... nice bump to drop off

Sizing up the spot

Jabari Pendleton- Kickflip

This fool was hyped on our skating

Gotta show mad love to the upcoming YG's (young gangstas)
Chris Pettaway

Went to B-wood to do some documentation

Later, met up with some homies downtown


Oh yea, these fools were killing the bike game.. I guess

Aw yeaa that was just one day fool! Saturday we hit up this flatbar and met some peeps there too

OG Bobby, OG Joe Herbert, Chris, Jared

Chris with the back lip!!

more to come fools! if you got some heat send it over! stldotglobal@yahoo.com

Monday, August 23, 2010

Interview: Jason Wussler aka J-WU

Jason Wussler is a cool guy who has been skating since 86’s. Jason is originally from St. Louis, but has been skating the streets of San Fransisco for over a decade. Jason has had parts in the first and second Western Edition videos, the Logic #9 video and Turf’s Up,(the first Turf video) and was also in the FTC videos #3 and #4 which was called “A Fine Line Between Love and Haight”.

TSM-what up dog? JW-hey what up! TSM-where you at? JW-I’m actually sitting on the beach in Waikiki drinking a bud writing down skate tricks I want to do.TSM-Awesome! I’m in Orlando on my sofa drinking a natty ice. (laughter)TSM-How long you skate for turf? JW- Like Rob dyrdek in that alien video I think it was? Day one baby- It’s been around three years now.TSM-Who’s on the team? JW-Sammy Baptista, Andre Genovesi, Mike York, LavarMcbride and myself. Also Larry redmon, jj rice, vitor Borger and lance carrera newton.

TSM-Who was your board sponsor before turf? JW- Western edition
TSM-So,I remember talk of you, Henry Sanchez and Brad Johnson starting acompany called ICS, whatever happened with that? JW-It was an idea we had that never took shape. We all skated together and it seemed right at that point. You can find footage of the video we were doing on youtube.TSM- How did you hook up with turf? JW- Mike York called me up and asked if I wanted to be part of a new company called turf and I was down.
TSM-How’s turf doing? JW- Turf is doing great. We have a strong sales team which was just recently formed this year. Being a part of the sales side of things as well, I’m able to see first hand what’s happening and the response has been tremondous.TSM-That’s awesome where you live? JW- San FranciscoTSM-What’s your favorite skate spot? JW- 3rd and army because there’s ledges everywhere. And you don’t get kicked out so it’s easier to focus on your tricks.

TSM-Favorite spot worldwide? JW- I’m gonna have to go with pier 7 back when everyone was still around and you could skate there all day.
TSM- Raddest trick you did there? JW- I don’t know, just switch crooks on those ledges was the best. Best sound ever! A tough one though was switch f/s shuvit fakie manual flip out. I saw so many ill tricks go down every day. So sick, just think of everyone who use to skate there, it went down.TSM-Damn that’s rad, what’s the raddest thing you ever done? JW- Umm like in life in general? (laughter) man, i don’t know that’s a crazy question! (laughter) I’m trying to think of how rad I’ve been.. I don’t know man. (laughter)TSM-Favorite band? JW- I listen to all kinds of stuff but mostly rap music. I could listen to pink Floyd all day though. I like it all. Music is a big part of my life. Like Lee Smith said, can you imagine life without music?

TSM- What set up do you ride? JW- Turf board, ventures, some wheels- golds or spits or turfs and diamond bolts with some Ftc or Huf griptape.TSM-So you like street skating? JW- Yeah, of course. Transition too.. I wish I could skate vert.
TSM-Have you heard of true mag? JW- Yeah, I’ve heard of true mag
TSM-We just started out, should be good. JW- Yeah man, it’s looking good! How’s that natty ice? (laughter) TSM- it’s doing the job, how’s that budweiser? JW- So good! It’s staying nice and cold cause I dug a big hole in the sand. Beach cooler! (laughter)TSM-You got any last words? JW- Thank you to everyone who has helped me out skating- Kent Uyehara and everyone @ FTC, Shawn Biega ( CEO ) and the whole Turf team, everyone @ streetcorner, Kelly Bird and Federico @ Lakai, Nick and everyone @ Diamond, and all my friends @ In4mation in Hawaii and everyone else along the way. Now get off the Internet and go skate! But first check out the Turf site,especially the shop tab! (laughter) www.turfglobal.com Thanks! - Jason

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nick Garcia Shittin at Shitside..

remember when DVS slid thru on some incognito shit? Well yea this fool got a clip at shitside-- the homie Antonio hipped us to it-- 1:05 on the video check it out..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bump to Hill Bomb: San Francisco

Here's a few pics from a couple spots George Jadelrab took us to. . clips will be in the upcoming mixtape available at any local barber shop, liquor store, or strip club.

the above spot bobby threw down on the benches.. i aint have shit for em cause i almost killed myself cause it was so buttery.. then we hit up this bump spot below that was sick

F.s. Shuv

Bobby-Nollie Flip

more to come

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back On The Grind

Still gotta go through all the photos before we post more.. but heres a few from the night we got in on Jared's birthday. . . Lets just say we was on 1

Homies from Frisco: George, Carlo, and Celso

Jared's 21st was a success.. that fool was puking hellas the next day!
more pics to come


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


"Afgani Soldier + Skateboard + AK47"

As you probably don't know; I always have an ear and eye open for interesting things happening everywhere...OUT HERE. Ran across this article on a skateboarding school & skateboarding scene in Afghanistan of all places. It's stuff like this that gets me motivated to keep doing whatever I'm doing. If they're keeping it real "there"; then there is no excuse for hesitation "here".

& Build your scene...

"...We skated the craziest spots. We went to an old, destroyed palace called the Tajbeg Palace. It was guarded by a couple of Afghan soldiers, and they said it was alright for us to skate there. After a while it got crazy. The soldiers were trying to skate and we were helping them and holding their guns. My friend even did an ollie with an AK-47 around his neck..."

Check out the article Online - FRANK 151 - Skateistan

You can get free copies of Frank 151 from Underground Hip-Hop.Com when you order more than $35. OR at a book store for a nominal fee.