Saturday, January 29, 2011


The cultural mecca of St. Louis punk might be coming back. Promoters are in the works of hosting a couple of benefit shows to raise enough money for a new warehouse where more shows can take place along with skating.

If you're not familiar with the OG Building R, it was a warehouse in south city that was maintained and ran by local bands, skaters and promoters. Bands would play on one side and on the other side, you had skate ramps and not to mention the sick graffiti throughout the warehouse that represented the STL DIY ethic. It was one of those buildings where there was any type of kid you could ever think of and the fact that they are trying to recreate and bring back the feeling of community, hard work in combination with music and skating is awesome as fuck!

They are going to need help with setting up ramps, painting, art, recording and anything else, so be on the lookout for more information. Below is a video from locals Cross Examination playing at Building R. Mosh til you lose your morals!

Stunt Responsibly...

Let's face it...this shit can be rather dangerous. Don't let that million point combo you pulled in 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater' or 'Dave Mirra's Pro BMX' fool you

Crashing isn't an 'if' but more of a 'when'. 

You are involved in something that can leave you permanently screwed up for life.
 Thus it should be taken seriously... 
 ...So Stunt Responsibly...
 In case you still don't get it let me give you an example
of NOT stunting responsibly.

I guess this dude watched the X-games a few times and thought it would be fresh to drop in on the twelve foot vert ramp at the Louisville Kentucky Extreme Skatepark. If you've never ridden a vert ramp. Then the one thing you need to know is that the combined height is the equivalent of going to your average freeway overpass and jumping off of it

Yeah...not something to take lightly.

Needless to say his neck didn't take it as lightly as he did.
 By the way those kids at the end had me ROFL LMAO laughing!

This brings me to the next issue concerning irresponsible stunting...trying to impress people

Yeah, we've all been there. Somebody you know is watching and you figure you'll do what you do a little bigger, a little higher, a little flyer, and before you know it... 
Yep, that is called irresponsible stunting; something that should be avoided. Because if you don't, you could end up like the cat below...

So in this new year stunt responsibly!

 Written By DJ Kase One for "We Are The City" -

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gettin Hyphy

while on youtube watching skate edits.. this popped up... Jabari getting hella hyphy to go skate.. WATC 4 life (lol)

Mike Wright

this clip was left in the inbox

Ketchup! or Drop - Spike Jonze

While checking out The Pharcyde's - "Drop" music video the other day, I found out that Spike Jonze directed it. So I went to check out his other work and ran across this video from I must say that this video hipped me to a lot of things that I didn't know about him. Spike is definitely "Out Here" doing things...Ketchup...

Video Courtesy of 

You can also check out his work in the classic Hip-Hop video, "Drop" by The Pharcyde. This was an epic album from this west coast group. Some of the album's other notable tracks are "Pharcyde", "Runnin'", "Y?", and "She Said". "Drop", "Runnin'", and "She Said", were produced by the legendary beat maker Jay Dee aka J. Dilla.

If you want to read up more on his various video projects there is always good ole Wikipedia -

Written by DJ Kase One for "We Are The City" -

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Homie George...

has a commercial.. whaaaaat


Trek Life - Ready To Live

There are a lot of things out here that are affecting everyone and getting people down. People are out here working hard for little pay. Some people are having a hard time even getting any kind of job. The price of living is on the rise even as wages stay the same. All the while bills keep coming like nothing has changed. Lets not forget all the other things in life like family drama, relationships, unexpected set backs, and bad health.

Through all of that bullshit, and those tough times, DO NOT remain stagnant and dwell on the negative things.

Yeah sometimes we go through a lot of mess, but no matter whether...

I am rich or poor,
goodtimes or bad times,
sunny days or dark nights,

one thing always remains the same. I am ready to live.

Trek Life - "Ready To Live"

Trek Life is an established Emcee from Los Angeles CA. Trek Life has large list of releases that have gained the attention of hip-hop listeners and artists from across the globe. His latest album is "Everything Changed Nothing". This is the first track "Ready to Live".

Check out Him Out!
Trek Life's Myspace page -
Trek Life's Facebook-

Written by DJ Kase One
For - We Are The City -

Monday, January 24, 2011


Jia Davis.(Self Titled) ...Fuck Less by Jia Davis

Clarence Archives

Some sick archive photos that never made it on the blog

Bobby with the switch lip revert

chillin at the spot

aint even gonna stunt.. this was not a make.. but the photo is sick

the homie Jason Tate keepin it classy with the crooks

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Yeah, its the winter right now and it is also COLD. And, depending on where you are at in the US, there may also be a healthy dose of snow everywhere really messing your outdoor vibe up....So since we can't all live in sunny and warm environments this time of the year...

 I am going to bring
some warm feel good music to this post

Hopefully, this music will help you get through the subsequent days that will be spent indoors while we wait on spring to come...

U-N-I  - Beautiful Day

The above track is from the Los Angeles (Inglewood) Hip-Hop group U-N-I. The group U-N-I consists of rappers Thurzday & Y-O. Their first four releases have gained them a following on the west coast and grabbed the attention of ears around country. U-N-I has also already amassed several music videos to supplement there music releases. This lead them to being recognized as one of the best new artists in the hip-hop world by MTV, URB Magazine, XXL, and The Source.  However, Thurzday & Y-O didn't stop there. 2010 saw the release of their First official mass distributed album "A Love Supreme 2.0". U-N-I is definitely here to stay and I'm sure that we will hear more from them soon. Stay tuned...

...and have a beautiful day...

U-N-I's Official Blog is here (The Promo albums are available here for free) -
You Can Download The First Album with, "Beautiful", Here
 Check U-N-I out on Facebook here

 Written By DJ Kase One for "We Are The City" -

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scritti Politti - Tinseltown To The Boogiedown Remix

Scritti Politti - Tinseltown To The Boogiedown Remix

"This is The Ali Shaheed Muhammed Variation of this track. For those who get confused "Scritti Politti" is the guy with the whispy voice on the hook. The actual Emcees on this track are Lee Majors (Bush Babees) and Mos Def. There are Four Variations of this song. Three are on this 33rpm Vinyl. They are the Ali Shaheed Muhammed Rmx, Psycho Les Rmx and the Pete Rock Rmx along with the instrumentals. There is a 45rpm 12" version of this single that Also features a Rob Swift Remix and no instrumentals."

Support REAL Hip-Hop

Conkin ChroNichols Promo

just sent over

NearMake:Brandon Cole

Crooklyn Dodgers 95 - Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers

Brandon Cole-Feeble grind

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


some random footy I came across on youtube.. had some familiar spots so it had to be posted

Dont Fuck With Hood Chicks

This was a hella funny clip I found on the kc blog check it out

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stay positive through the storm....we are the city

Street Report with Nato Caliph


Anotha Dutch Jackson production

Out Here with Brad Johnson

Out Here with Brad Johnson

Where are you from?
I’m from St. Louis originally, logged plenty of hours downtown @ Kiener Plaza, Oakhill, Captain, The Fountain and numerous other spots around the city. Then I moved to San Francisco, that was around spring of 1994.

What made you move to San Francisco from St. Louis?
SKATEBOARDING, 100%! San Francisco just had that allure to it. New York is tight too, but I was over snow and cold weather and unlike in L.A., in San Francisco you don’t need a car. The city itself was like a giant skatepark. Hills, Stairs, banks, ledges, manny pads you name it, S.F. had it and all within’ skatings reach. There were so many spots to skate just downtown by itself. Black Rock, Brown Marble, Hubba Hideout, Mini Hubba and of course to top it all off Embarcadero. Pier 7 hadn’t even been built yet and nothing was skate stopped.

Obviously skateboarding has been a big part of your life...what are some of your most memorable times....and how do you think you would be if you never started Skateboarding?
Man, that’s a tough one to narrow down to a few memorable times. I’m going to say the whole process I went through to get where I am today was the most memorable. Everything from learning the basics from pushing to what tricks are possible today for me. All the homies I’ve met from all over the world and from all walks of life. The places I’ve gotten to travel to. If I never started skateboarding, I would probably have never left St. Louis, be married with a few kids and working some shitty job to makes ends meet. God bless skateboarding! Hahahaha

Name two people that have been the most inspiring in your life.....
My mom and my Grandma. My grandma was actually my first sponsor. She set it off, bought me one of those little blue plastic banana boards with yellow wheels from K-Mart. I think they both thought it was going to be a fad, maybe last a week or two and somethin’ else would come along. Little did they know 20+ years and still going strong!

What countries have you traveled to and what was the most favorite place you have been for Skateboarding?
The first real skate Tour trip I got to go on was a New Deal and Mad Circle month long road trip across the U.S. It was Me, Karl Watson, Rob Welsh, Scott Johnston, Bobby Puleo, Kenny Reed and Kris Markovich. That trip was soo much fun man, so many good memories. Later when I got on Western Edition we went to Japan, Paris and London a few times. I moved to Hawaii with Jason Wussler and a couple other heads in 2000. We got one way tickets, got off the plane caught a cab to downtown Waikiki and ended up renting an apartment and staying there for like 3 or 4 months. It was pretty crazy, none of us had jobs, didn’t really skate too much at all. Basically we all just hustled are asses off, sold skate product we’d get and party everyday. Thankfully chillin’ on the beach is pretty low budget. Amsterdamn, Thailand, I got to go to Costa Rica a couple months ago with my girlfriend. That was pretty rad, Zip linning through the jungle. Barcelona was probably hands down the best city in the world, besides San Francisco. I went there in 2001, rented an apartment and lived there for 4 months. This was years before it became the huge skate tourists spot it is now. I went back there 3 or 4 times after that for like a month at a time, that place is amazing man. It’s been a blessing, everywhere I’ve gotten to travel too, I’ve meet soo many cool ass people.

You now live in Puerto Rico, was it hard to make the decision to finally leave S.F.?
For sure, man I love S.F. but change is good. I had been there 16+ years. My girlfriend is from San Juan, Puerto Rico and she went back there to finish Medical school. I was in Culinary School in S.F. and transferred to one down here. I’m goin’ back to S.F. for a couple months this summer for a visit, bout to get my Rick James on “F#*k Yo’ Couch!” Hahhaha, Just playin’ I won’t disrespect no ones couch. Puerto Rico is pretty dope, nice weather and some good homies. Things are going good.

What advice would you give to the young skaters wanting to make that big move to the west?
If that’s what’s in your heart, do it. Even if I didn’t skate, S.F. has a lot to offer. It’s a great city to loose yourself in, hahaha. Maybe not the ideal spot to raise a family, but there are plenty of distractions to keep you entertained. Oh yeah, don’t burn your bridges. Be thankful of what ya got and who’s helpin’ ya out along the way.

Favorite book and why?
That’s a tough one? I’m tryin’ to start to read more this year, a new years resolution. One book that I’ve hung onto throughout the years is “The 48 Laws of Power”, Pepe Martinez gave it to me before he passed. God bless

Anybody you would like to thank?
Brad: I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. New Deal, Kelly Bird and Tim Gavin for hookin’ up the DVS back in the day, Dave Kang @ F.I.T Skateboards and Civilian clothes, FTC, Western Edition, Eli Soto @Gold Wheels, Joey Tershay @ Ace Trucks, Nick Tershay @ Diamond Supply Co., Kent @ FTC, Ando @ FTC, Ian @ Western Edition, All the In4mation homies, Sam Smythe @ Girl Skateboards, Leland @48blocks Lee Smith, Henry Sanchez, Jason Wussler, Jabari Pendleton,Rob Welsh, Karl Watson, this is gonna get too long so I’ll sum it up, All the EMB heads, Pier 7 locals, All the people I grew up skating with in St.Louis, San Francisco, Barcelona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico! Stay up, see ya’ll soon! Oh yeah and thanks to WATC for givin’ me the opportunity to do this little interview. Keep up the good work. Peace

What does the statement WATC mean to you?

Monday, January 17, 2011


this clip was just sent over....however...i think i saw this on 48blocks a while back...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Start Young

Whatever excites you as a child will excite you as an adult. For example, I saw this childrens skateboard last night and for the mere 30 seconds that I stared at it, it forced me to realize and connect my passions as a child to my current passions as an adult. No matter what city, country, ethnicity or even socio-economic background you are from, just embrace it and enjoy everything you do and never regret any of it. Be involved in your city so you can influence I into and inspire that little kid who stares at you in awe. Afterall, we know that we make the city, because we are the city.

This little booger colored board reminded me of Modern Life Is War's Witness album (specifically D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S., track 5) that was released in 2005. First, I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that it was six years ago. And lastly, it is still one of my favorite records of all time. Anytime they came to town, they generally played at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center in South City and was filled with skaters, moshers, musicians, artists, poor, rich and everyother type of kids you could possibly think of. Granted the building is hot and shows cost as much as a medium pizza from Dominos which may or maynot help the touring bands pay for gas to the next show, but it was these perks that made it worth it. I found my niche with hardcore music and I know that nothing will ever take me away from something that means the world to me.

Bottom line: do not tell me that punk is dead. As long as cities will continue to exist, angry punk kids will still make up the population of these cities....and get Witness!

a little punk rock goes a long way. we out here.

Everest College

WATC just signed up for courses

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chicago Vibe Alive

Chicago Vibe Alive
Check out Matt Whitmire website by clicking here...lots of dope photos

What does the statement WATC mean to you?
"WE ARE THE CITY" means you are all-city. If you have never touched all four corners of your city forget it - you are missing so much. I have lived in CHI for over 10 years and get out a ton. Yet, almost everyday I learn something new. WATC means you get out and experience it..plain and simple.

"We City Blog" ...???

We appreciate all the page views.. and all the people who search google for our shit daily. BUT will you 8 mothafuckas please learn how to spell before searching next time? "We City Blog"??????
Its cool actually.. We will give you some more keywords to try in google since "we are the city" is a little tough.

Next time, try : "documenting the lifestyle" "watc4life" or this one is classic "nigga skateboarding blog"

Hope we helped with this issue.. Skate or die..WATC4LIFE

Chicago Night Session

sick night edit

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



from left to right:Chris Smith, Larry Lamar, Chris Pettaway, Antonio Rodriguez

dope clip just got sent over....

Out Here with Jeff Rasp

Out Here with Jeff Rasp

What's up....where are you from?
Yo I'm from Belleville, IL, representing the IL side

Man..your a young guy out did you get into skateboarding...and what keeps you skating?
Yeah, I started skated 9 years ago when my cousin brought over his WWF Steve Austin board, after seeing him be able to jump off the ground with the board not attached to him, I knew I had to learn. I think the thing that keeps me skating is that you can pretty much do whatever you want while skating, you don't have to do what other people are doing to have fun, and that's awesome.

You're out in LA right now tell us a little about that?

Man LA is amazing, but the kids out here have no idea how easy they have it. The spots are perfect and so is the weather, and coming from the Midwest that is something new to me. It makes me love our scene even more though, how we have to build spots and come together to make skating happen in the winter....

Whats one thing you felt that Skateboarding has taught you about yourself?
Skateboarding has taught me to look at everything in a different way, and to not take things for granted...

Thanks for doing this interview....what does WATC....mean to you?
Yeah man, thanks for the opportunity, and to me WATC is a group of individuals coming together for a common cause and supporting everyone who is down with it.

Shouts out to Jeff Rasp and Kyle for sending us this footy! WE OUT HERE

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OG SF Skateboarding

Peep out some OG footage we came across.. legendary shit

Tef Poe Is The War Machine

 "...If you don't like me, I'll fly a plane through your psyche, I'm Tupac in Marty Mcfly's Nike's..."

Veteren Saint Louis MC Tef Poe has recently dropped his latest album,"War Machine". If you haven't already heard of the music Tef Poe then now is the time to acquaint yourself.  A member of the Saint Louis hip-hop coalition, "The Force", Tef Poe has always had  the reputation for always coming with 100% dopeness no matter the situation; With the lyrics and vocal energy to straight incinerate the mic.

Tef Poe is what you should be listening to right now.

Nowadays very few albums, even ones by the most popular and well known artists, are listenable in their entirety. Its seems like currently everyone has flooded every blog, mixtape site, and hip-hop page with a plethora of wack, half-assed, free EP's, and Albums. This is NOT the case with Tef's album, "War Machine".

Tef Poe is Declaring WAR! on all wack shit.

Tef Poe laces the entire album, a total of 19 tracks, with his unique, intricate, and powerful wordplay. With tracks like the club banger, "Money Over Here", to the headbanger "Fly A Plane", the melodic "Retail Kings" , back to athems like "Unfuckwittable"; Tef Poe leaves no stone unturned. "War Machine" encompasses a collage of tracks that transverses a spectrum of styles.

      This album is great from beginning to end,
there are no detours or diversions. 

"War Machine" takes place over a  medley of hard hitting beats from local Saint Louis producers, Tech Supreme, InHouse Production, Urban Legendz, and Basement Beats. The album also features guest appearances from Teresa Jenee, QB of Family Affair, Rockwell Knuckles, Theresa Payne, Gangsta Gritz, Vandalyzm, and Erick Richardson

And guess what? It's have no excuse for not checking it out...

"...This is not an album, This is revolution..."
"...This is not that bullshit, This is real music..."
-Tef Poe-

 Join The War Machine!

Listen To The Album Below, While You Download...

Tef Poe - War Machine audio player and download is hosted by stlmixtapes

Written by DJ KASE ONE for WeAreTheCity

Monday, January 10, 2011

Out Here with C.beond

Where are you from?
What's up homie? I'm from St. Louis, born and raised.

What is your thought process you go through when coming up with a beat... do you think your moods from dealing with day to day situation affect how your final beat turns out?
I really don't have a set process. I hear something from an old record from any genre that stands out to me and I try to translate into hip hop beats. If there was any one thing that is routine, it would be that I always do the drums first; that gives me a vibe to go on. Moods can definitely have an effect on the beat sometimes. It's hard to pinpoint because sometimes I can be in a bad mood but the beat turns out to be mellow. No matter, how I'm feeling on a particular day, it's something that I have to do. It has become a way of meditation for me kind of. Definitely helps clear the mind sometimes.

What does WATC mean to you?
To me, we are the city means affirming what you do and then sharing it with the world. Sometimes ideas and projects are sparked because it may trigger ideas in someone else. It's all about building a culture of art in various forms.

Check out loop manipulation 2 by clicking here

Mike Wright "The Ultimate NYC Skate HUSTLER"

Shouts out to the homie George Jadelrab for this one... WATC is gonna be takin a NY skate trip soon, so we are currently taking notes on how to survive

Friday, January 7, 2011

WATC Cartoons

Cmon Son

Get off of facebook...

Homies From Springfield

Check out this dope clip that Jeremy Fullerton dropped in the inbox

Street Skateboarding Springfield, MO
Matt Fink, Donny Rhoades, Rick Rossi, Jeremy Fullerton, Jimy Bennett, Josh Reynolds, Josh Russell, Tyler Chapman, Jake Nixon, Levi Pollard, cali Josh, STL Alex

Thursday, January 6, 2011


10 deep just sent this video to our inbox! Sick!

Day At The Park With Jamal Smith from 10.DEEP Skateboarding on Vimeo.


Courtesy of BIG PAULY out in SF. This is a WE OUT HERE montage.

Downtown St. Louis Business

Downtown St. Louis Business
Commentary and Analysis on Businesses and Commercial Real Estate In and Around Downtown St. Louis.

The Downtown St.louis Business site just did a post about WATC check it out.....Click Here.... also you should check their site out...their site has been added to our links below

On My Feet

You can always rely on WATC to bless you with some fresh ass music. This song is all about having hella shoes.. Which is relatable because most of us shred shoes within 3-4 weeks.. if not, then either you don't skate.. or if you do.. then you need to grind harder lil homie. But that's besides the point. This song is ILL and the sample is sick.. you can peep Spec's other music by clicking here and his latest album "Sneakerboxxx" is on iTunes.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh And Incase You Were Unaware ...

Via Randy....

Elwood In The Midwest Fool!!

Remember when Elwood came through over the summer? Well they got a sick edit out peep this shit! Shouts Out to Pretty Skateboards for this vid!!

Jimi Hendrix for Peace In the City

Saw this sticker on a pay phone next to the gas station on the corner of Delmar and question is how much is it to make a local call on a pay phone these dayz.......

Street Update from Antonio Rodriguez

The homie Antonio just got back from Spain.. Sent us come crazy photos. Spain is mos def goin on the skate-trip list.