Friday, December 31, 2010

Out Here Celebrating with Jia Davis

Out Here Celebrating with Jia Davis

A little clip on what you missed if you didn't get to make it out to this event....NO... you will not get to see the whole event because for one...this event was not free.....yea...people are being creative whether you support them or not...but alot of time and energy is invested in these events and in most cases only a few supporters actually show up to support there local talent....Don't stop looking for talent in other cities but you would be surprised whats in your own city if you would just turn off the TV/Computer and seek for live entertainment in your own city....

support your local talent

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Jabari Pendelton dropping knowledge on your dome. (note: Jabari is no longer with turf) but the video still goes hard

Dropping Science

Ever wonder how P-rod, T-pud, and Nugget got so good? #lol

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sometimes you see the wildest things in these streets...i told yall we out here....think its a game.....

Throwback Wednesday

FYI no we aren't starting a segment called "throwback Wednesday" However, we will drop some classic footage on your dome. For all the YG's who dont know anyone besides P-rod, T-pud, and Shane O'Niel... you need to do your research.. cause Harold Hunter was a legend.
This is a classic part from the Zooyork Mixtape video..

Legend Camp Featuring Jia Davis in "COLD SUMMER" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO!!!

Clip was sent to us....this video was produced by WATC affiliate DUCTH JACKSON...when we first started WATC legend C4mp plugged us in their entire video...all we are showin love right back...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Out Here with Chris Burch




Where are you from?
I am from St.Louis

You have lived in both places SF and STL? What are the pros and cons of both in regards to ART?
Both cities have their particular individual flavor. St. Louis, being the city i was born in, is a part of me, the people, the movement of the city, its atmosphere, the weight of the city itself, the flow of the Mississippi River, and the many nights I spent watching and listening to the barges as the travel slowly down its syrupy waters. All theses memories and experiences have molded my perspective and poetry.

As a matter of fact, much of the mythology i use in my artwork, various associations to water, the blues, and aspects of southern culture i.e the narratives my older family members have told me over the years about John the Conquer, Be'er Rabbit and The Devil's Daughter are deeply embedded into my artwork.

St. Louis is a city of history and in that I feel at times that St. Louis is trapped by its unreconciled relationship to its own history. If anything I would say that is the greatest negative aspect to living in St.Louis. The positives in my personal experiences with St. Louis outweigh the negatives by far. When I come back home I see the growth that is taking place and I become excited about the future of a powerful cultural movement being formed in St. Louis. It is a indication that St. Louis, collectively, still has a will to re-invent itself.

San Francisco is a different animal altogether, because of the forces that have constructed San Francisco and the Bay Area for that matter. There is an infrastructure in San Francisco that speaks to a cultural commitment to poetry (I would say the arts but i feel that word does not capture all the manifestations of personal and group expression) which is one of the reason i have decided to forge my career in this city. I have met many wonderful people throughout the Bay Area that have added a great richness to my life, this for me is the greatest pro for living in San Francisco.

It is funny because, I at first would have never imagined San Francisco and St. Louis sharing any negative similarities but as I lived, traveled and experienced the city and its history I began to see the underbelly of the city itself and how my two homes have a lot in common. The problems that are present in St. Louis are also present in San Francisco; segregation, poor public education, and a over prevailing attitude of not caring enough by a majority of the population.

What is your overall goal as an Artist?
At this point in my career my overall goal is to create to the best of my abilities. To continue to learn, to explore, simply to always seek for a greater poetry within my creative process.

Do you find it hard conveying reality in ART without being bias?
I don't attempt to convey reality, the capital "R", that is not my job. I wish to convey an experience, one that has a strong historical and contemporary narrative yet at the same time is as much about the construction of a poetic form.

What does the statement "WE ARE THE CITY" MEAN to you?
The statement "WE ARE THE CITY" is a statement of affirmation, both individual and collective. A realization that we have the ability to shape our environment and through present and future collective efforts we can create a reality we wish to see. It is an awareness of our actions, a call of accountability to ourselves and the others around us. If you are apart of something you have the ability to influence its direction, its growth, its form, the question is, What direction should we go? "WE ARE THE CITY" is the first step in realizing our potential.

PS...All photos were taken by Lisa Nesser

Sunday, December 26, 2010

ListenUp! --> KEZIAH EP

is an up and coming female emcee from Philadelphia seeking to fill the void caused by the current lack of REAL female emcees in the Hip-Hop world.

Keziah does NOT disappoint.

Keziah's powerful, deep, personal, and vibrant lyrics, grace tracks with beats that run the gambit from soulful to all out fist-pump neck breakers. The beats for the EP are provided by Hezekiah , Illmind, Street Orchestra, Oddisee, and J. Fish. Yes, Keziah's official solo entrance into the Hip-Hop world is a definite, "must download". Although this shouldn't be a surprise for those familiar with her older brother, producer and emcee, Hezekiah.

You see, making ill music runs in the family

The EP also features guest appearances by Rockness Monstah, Ishe and Katrina Gibson.

Don't Sleep, Check It Out...

Clip for Keziah - So Far So Close ft. ISHE (Prod. Oddisee)

Download the EP HERE

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Happy Holidays Fool! Yeah, we still out here..
hope you enjoy your holiday..
we also hope your Christmas tree is as dank as ours!

heres a little Christmas special from Tubesteak. Oh in case you didn't know, these are the authors/creators of the Boondocks.. not just random hood niggas

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

$1.00 and A DREAM

Antonio Rodriguez & Jared Owens @ the fountain



The Inner Minds Eye is the Key of Seeing the True Essence of The All. Everything is Anything, and Anything is in Everything. The Source of Existence is Within You, So Your Consciousness Is the Key to Opening Up True Enlightenment of the Universe so You can Experience Freedom and True Spirituality. When You Manifest this as Actual Reality. This Is Divinity=Divine Intelligence

~Jared Owens



Tuesday, December 21, 2010


SCREWED AGAIN from DMNDTV // Ryan Powell on Vimeo.

Black Spade & Alex Petrowsky

Throwback Pics We Out Here

Here's a few pics from the first Frisco trip in April. This was before we had the SLR and VX so no tricks here really.. but there's some cool shots of Haight street where all the hippies be at.. Haight street is also the home of FTC..
below is an FTC montage.. peep game fools

Friday, December 17, 2010

OUT HERE with Carlo Pelaez

OUT HERE WITH Carlo Pelaez

Where are you from?

I was born in San Francisco right off Geary at Kaiser. Basically, grew up my first 3 years of life in Twin Peaks. My folks thought I was way too loud (I was always jumping off the walls as a kid), so we bought a house in Daly City/SSF and that’s where I basically grew up. I now reside in Pacifica which is a beach town 10 minutes south of SF

When I first met you, I just thought you were a filmer…but after talking to Arab George, he informed me that you were trying to get a trick over a street gap…which do you prefer more skating or documenting the LifeSTyLe?

Haha, he told you about that one huh? George likes to do this thing where I barely skate, and he pushes me to get these tricks for fun with him behind the camera and me in front of it instead.

It’s pretty hilarious and definitely keeps us entertained. If you ever go out to skate with me and George I skate for like 15 minutes, then sit down to observe other people skating around me. I just like watching all the different styles of how people skate, and I think that’s why I rather film. Im sure as hell am no P-Rod!


Often I find with any creative lifeSTyLe it’s hard to keep a steady woman companion…they often lack the ability to be able to understand what draws an individual to be able to get up in the morning and cruise around in the streets all day getting tricks and kicking it with the homies…Do you think it’s possible to find a woman companion that will accept you and your present LifeStyle?

I’ve talked about this the first time I met fellow filmer friend Anthony Claravall, in a filmers lifestyle it’s so hard to keep a woman when you want to travel and just be around great content and the things you love 24/7. I don’t want to sound all cliché, but I think REAL woman will just take you for what you are and respect your art. That goes vice versa as well

I dont know about you but when I started skatin, I used to get made fun of. Did you have that problem growin up in SF?

In High School surprisingly no one fucked with me. The reason I think being was that I got along with so many people from school, that they kinda respected me skating. In many ways too I always drew a good line between my skate life and regular lifestyle. I think that was a deciding factor of me not getting heckled.

What about your blog…it’s pretty sick what was the motivation to create it…and what do you want individuals to get out of your blog?

The actual concept of Dirtbags Anonymous was for me, and my 2 other friends Carlo (yes same name) and Kyle to keep in touch with our lifestyles since they all moved to SD. From there it kind of grew into us posting all this random material. Eventually it has now grown to video content as I have started to post skate, automotive, music, and other content that interest all of us. I’ve also taken to adding more contributors that share the same interest as me, like our new contributor Louis Cayetano aka Lou Lou the Milk man.

I just want to honestly keep people entertained with our blog and just keep it fun. Everyone has a dirtbag type mentality within them and I just hope that our blog pokes towards that.

How did you get into filming and why do you feel it is important to document the SF skate scene?

I can say that my friends that I grew up skating Pier 7 with, Cameron Bohannon and Aldo Fabbri, definitely inspired me towards filming. When I was about 14-15 years old I always skated with them and I saw them doing their thing filming. They made this SF video called Incognito and it had such a big impact on me to see all my friends killing it so hard. I was so happy to see that, that I eventually wanted to capture all the great skateboarders I was surrounded by.

I feel documenting the SF skate scene is always going to be important to me. We have such a lively skate culture and just culture in general, that I feel the rest of the country doesn’t really see it for what it is. I’m just here to preserve SF culture with every and any artist that I associate myself with.

When I was in SF you informed me that you were possibly going to start filming a movie overseas…what’s up with that project?

Well my original goal was to go to the Philippines for a month or 2 to just go live a little and film some new content out there. I go every 3 years just to be in touch with my culture, family, and to see what’s happening. My budget converting over to HD cameras and just bills has keep me from that for 2010. Eventually coming up in 2011 I will be there as I do want to start covering some of the music, skating, fixed gear and car scene out there. Shout out to my P.I connects Val, Carla and Julo at Commune MNL by the way!

Also, I have to ask you what advice would you give for the skaters in your city who have no job…and plan to just try to make a living off skateboarding?

To be realistic, it’s not possible unless you got help from your family, scholarships from school helping living expenses, or you’re just straight rich. To live in SF you always have to have at least 3 ways to make money to come up. That’s the motto out here. Whether it be working retail, little money off selling product from your sponsor, or just straight being a street pharmacist; SF is a town where you must have your hustle on 24/7 or you just get eaten alive

Tell the viewer a crazy story about Larry Redmond the ambassador of the sayin,”WE OUT HERE.” And inform people what exactly "WE OUT HERE" means?

I’ve known Larry for a good decade since the Incognito days when I was 15. So many stories come to mind with that guy. Funny thing is, that guy has been OUT HERE for that decade I’ve known him. I can recall all the days we spent doing the video Product of the Bay with Cameron, George, Larry, Richard (Jefferson), and our homie Matt (Holt). Those memories were always the best cause that era of skating for me were the most fun and productive for Larry and our crew to be OUT HERE.

We Out Here to me means to rep your city, block, cul de sac, or wherever you’re from. To clarify, the term has been used for decades in SF local rap with 11/5, RBL, etc. Larry just brought it out and definitely brought a movement for the term. When someone says they’re out here, you can already sense if it’s genuine or not. I think the real people who are OUT HERE don’t need to perp the term and just live it.

Man, SF is a crazy place….crack heads are just as common as weed heads in your city…have you ever had any crazy encounters with SF transients…

I’ve had plenty. I’ve had bums try to fight me at the Pier with my friends, crackhead dogs bite my friends at spots, etc But hey, that’s life living in or around any major city. If SF didn’t have so much good and bad things going on, then it wouldn’t be genuine.

Thanks for doing this interview…I would like to ask you what does the statement, “WE ARE THE CITY” mean to you?
We Are The City to me means SF to STL to NY to LA to whatever city you’re in, be genuine and rep you’re from. Never perpetrate. Word to We Are the City for holding me down and word to my creative affiliates Dirtbags Anonymous, Reckord, Wild N Krazy Kids/Ri$ky Biz!

Montage #2: Love and Hate from Carlo Pelaez on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fly Forecast Thursday Fools !! HUF by Keith Hufnagel

Wassup Players ! We're back at you with another informative update : this week we will shine the spotlight on Keith Hufnagel's brand "HUF". If you're not familiar with Hufnagel he's rode strong with Deluxe Destribution's Real skateboards and Thunder trucks. What many may not know about Keith is that he and his friend Hanni El Khatlib produced a streetwear brand known as "HUF" short for hufnagel. This brand merges the doors of skateboarding and streetwear fashion , but overal salutes its loyalty to skateboarding. Their Brand ranges from 10-200 bucks and everywhere in between and offers versatile styles for even you grandparents so check it out son !!! HUF can be found on any online skate shop or your local skateshops.

Who is KING??????????????

Dope Clip sent to us...check it out


We Been Out Here

If you didn't know.. me and Jared go waaaay back.
Here's from photos from like 2001, back in the day. We were like 11 or 12 here

old 1

Keepin it clean with an ollie ( #lol )

old 2

Oh in case you didn't know, my nigga Jared been had tre's

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

True Blue

This one is from about a year ago..
Me and True Blue aka Chris Pettaway were at the courts (ghetto park) one day and just so happened to run into the guys from Hillbilly Bombshell (Belleville). They were snappin photos, and the outcome.. a steezy ass backlip


Monday, December 13, 2010

Larry Lamar aka Dj Ringtones...Muzik

iphone,good weather,and a board

Brad filmed this whole part by himself with an iPhone

EAT RITE STL STyLE.....Jia Davis

STL's Family Affair...Behind the Scene

Ryan Powell sent over this dope clip

Behind the scenes in the studio with Family Affair while they put the finishing touches on their forthcoming album "Welcome To The Underground".

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Powell
Produced by

Bobby Light

Here's one from the summer that hasn't been used yet..
Bobby Taylor wallie 50-50

bobby sequence

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Everyone is a rapper nowadays...when you hear one of these cats out here rappin' that nonsense and a series of assorted preschool raps, tell em...Listen Up, Check It, Erule is about to wreck it...

Erule is a veteran MC from the west coast. Unfortunately the label Erule was signed with, Pallas Records, was broken up and sold before Erule's album was released, and it was unfortunately lost to the realm of unpublished music. As a result one the illest tracks from the early 90's remained unheard to most of those outside of the Californian Underground rap circle...

The Original Promo Singles and Albums still sell on EBAY & Discogs for $50 - $+100....
A Hip-Hop Classic...

Erule - Photo from Rap Pages’ December 1994 L.A. underground issue

Documenting the Lifestyle...WE ARE THE CITY....


Documenting the lifestyle

Eliminate Hatred, Racism, Racists and all that Bullshit...Trash It.

Friday, December 10, 2010

An Inside Look: Powell Square

I know you've all seen the old Powell Square building. Its easily viewable from any of the highways downtown. What most people don't typically see, is all of the amazing artwork inside. Well luckily for you, WATC took a look inside - we'll give you a photo/video tour. Not only is there art inside, there's about 6 people living there as well. All sorts of shit has went down in this building, its pretty grimey which you will see in the photos. This is when life gets really real.. Oh and in case you didn't know.... we out here.. literally.

Video by Bobby Taylor

Below are photos from the inside














Just wanted to point out these holes. Starts at the Sixth floor goes all the way down to the basement. Crazy shit. Peep the fool who threw his piece up right in the middle.











Also for the photo of the "smiley face" you can view the making of it below.. from the artist himself