Friday, July 1, 2011

Road Trippin with KaseOne

Road Trippin with KaseOne 
This past weekend WATC went on a brief road trip to Oklahoma City and also drop by Joplin to see the aftermath of the recent tornado which destroyed, churches, schools, homes, and businesses.

Here are a few photos from the trip....
KaseOne...Photo By Chris Pettaway

Love...Photo By Chris Pettaway

HELP...Photo By Chris Pettaway

    WE ARE OK...Photo By Chris Pettaway 

2400...Photo By Chris Pettaway

FAITH,HOPE, OR LOVE...Photo By Chris Pettaway

Side Note
New gumbo mixes coming soon, my grandma has been on a food strike.Her reasoning for being on strike was because she said WATC was not eating all the gumbo she brewed up.I expressed to her we are sorry and told her to cook less gumbo. I gave her a hug and now she is back in the kitchen.