Monday, December 2, 2013

Donate To The New Shitside

In case you haven't seen the latest Craigslist post regarding KHVT/Shitside:

KHVT began as a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) skate spot in 2009 under the Kingshighway bridge in St. Louis, Missouri with donated materials and the volunteer efforts of local skateboarders. The spot quickly garnered the support of the community, the St. Louis City Streets Department and the City's 10th Ward Alderman, Joe Vollmer, as it transformed a graffiti- and crime-ridden area into a safe and well-maintained space.

Unfortunately, the 76-year-old South Kingshighway bridge is deteriorating structurally. The City plans on destroying it and rebuilding a new bridge within the next year, leaving no legal, free place for the skaters of the city to skate.

To ensure that the skateboarders of St. Louis will still have a place to skate, KHVT must act quickly. We are working closely with St. Louis City's Land Re-utilization Authority (LRA) to find small, unused city owned properties to be transformed into free, public "skate gardens."

KHVT, now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been working with the city since 2010 to make the first Skate Garden project a reality - and we're getting close. The LRA has granted KHVT a $1 annual lease on a 14,000-sqare-foot property on South Morganford. So now all we need is the funding and materials for the actual construction. More than $17,000 of the $50,000 needed to complete this project has already been raised through fundraisers, a challenge grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation and government monies pledged by Ald. Carol Howard of the 14th Ward.

For more info or MONETARY DONATIONS check out KHVT.ORG
or Facebook page @KhvtSaintLouis

MATERIALS DONATIONS are greatly need to help bring the cost of the project down!!!

Things needed:

Clean fill dirt
rebar/road mesh
lumber for forms
retaining wall blocks/cinder blocks
paver stones/bricks
ceramic tile, intact or broken
gardening supplies
garden plumbing/ drain plumbing
Volunteer Labor

Any questions about what we will take and info on when and where to bring donations REPLY TO THIS POST or check out our web site KHVT.ORG