Monday, February 14, 2011

Fuck corporate holidays; spend $$ on WhiteOut & RT-FaQ

"..when we get to get on stage and look people in their eyes and express our passion... for however long our set is; we take advantage of that anytime possible, even if it means taking two gigs in one night.. The people of St. Louis, all of us on the East Side and the surrounding areas are more important than most of them even know.  Without them there is no US. Point blank." - RT-FaQ, 2.12.11.

Hailing from East St. Louis and Fairview Heights, WhiteOut and RT-FaQ had one of the best live performances I have ever seen. Their passion and enthusiasm represents WATC and it is highly visible in their words and presence. When I talked to them after their performance, I was shocked by the amount of energy they still had left over that even my scatter-brain-insomniac-mind could not comprehend. It was an impressive, yet graceful impression they left not only on myself but everyone in the audience. These twenty-something guys are driven by their heart and pushed by the constant attainment of more complex and rewarding goals that they create for themselves. Who knew two non-natives would defy the St. Louis DIY ethic..

If you are going to spend any cheddah on a bag of flaming hot cheetos or a rello (or some shitty chocolates), hold up on the artery cloggin' and purchase their single, On and On on iTunes. Celebrate this VeeDay by showing some positive love.

WATC will forever be my valentine.

we out here.