Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get Tricks or Die Trying

Hope everyone had a good labor day weekend. We were out here getting some final tricks for the montage.. which will be up THIS WEEK! Word on the street is, that CityVision is pumping something out either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.. Either way just be on the lookout cause its going to be good. We put in a lot of work these past few weeks and it definitely shows in the footage.
As far as this weekend goes, the homeboy from Chicago - Quest, was in town. We met this fool out in Frisco and clicked cause he was a Midwest head too. Also the homeboy Frankie was in the city! We all went super hard and got some good tricks.

Heres a few pics from the City Lighting banks..

Frankie Alexander-- Double flip

Chris Pettaway- Back Heel

Kicked it with the YG's too

Quest blasting an ollie out to the sidewalk

Ended up in the loop later that night..

Jared Owens -- fat ass pole jam!!

Quest snappin over the fire hydrant

The next day, we went to the fountains for a second. Frank ended up finding this mulch gap and decided to fs 180 over it. Shit was dope!

Ended up at shitside.. this fool hit a fat bank to bank ollie.. Didn't catch his name though .. think he was some dude

Frankie with a tre bomb

Later, hit up WASH-U.. had some hot college girl snap one of everybody

Oh, and then Frank schooled us on the stair game.. wait till you see the clip of this--siiiiiiiiiiick!