Thursday, September 9, 2010

We Are The City Volume 1

We Are The City represents each and every individual who has a creative positive outlet in all cities from art to skateboarding. Whatever you do...just do it well. If you want to represent your city and show everybody what your city is all about send your clips or photos to Again, this site is for all cities to showcase what is actually happening in them. This montage represents the urban skate scene in St.Louis, Missouri.

Youtube Version

Vimeo Version

WeAreTheCity Vol.1: from CityVision on Vimeo.

P.S. More to come from Razi and if your not busy come join us at the BBQ...details and location are in the previous post.

Thanks to all the people who helped with this montage you know who you are....JUST remember there is no I in WE... Take pride in your city and show the young homies some love...

Represent your city

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Special thanks to Pretty Skateboards, DirtBags Anonymous, Infinity skateshop, San Francisco, and St. Louis. Thanks for the support.