Monday, September 27, 2010

The World Is YOURS

The world is yours-- that's the saying for the week. Want something done, gotta make it happen- turn thoughts into reality. Before we had the tools, we were already on the same shit! Except no way to document the lifestyle. And now, we are just pursuing a vision we had.. the We Are The City movement.. documenting the lifestyle.. nation wide, but at the same time giving back to our local scene. Thats what its all about--
We use this same state of mind in the streets and when it comes to hitting these tricks.
Check out some of what went down this weekend --

Met up with Chris and Rico
at Career Academy
notice all the night shots.. its that time of the year again.. dammit

Rico - nose slide

Later me and Chris hit up them butta ledges and that bank spot

Chris Smith-- 5-0 to switch crooks

Fakie bigspin

You already know we had to swing by the loop at least one time this weekend

That fool Chris was tellin me about this trick he was tryina get over the wall.. heard it was gonna be gnar as fuck

This fool was goin ham! we got kicked out by this douche bag bread co manager.. but we gonna go back and get the footage

Skated hellas with the homie Jared-- got some sick shots

Both of these were dope shots, so I decided to use em both
Jared Owens - nose manny

hit up the tennis courts later that day where Jared got this steeezed out back smith below:

Until the next time-- We Are The City... We out here... We on one.. all that shit