Sunday, December 26, 2010

ListenUp! --> KEZIAH EP

is an up and coming female emcee from Philadelphia seeking to fill the void caused by the current lack of REAL female emcees in the Hip-Hop world.

Keziah does NOT disappoint.

Keziah's powerful, deep, personal, and vibrant lyrics, grace tracks with beats that run the gambit from soulful to all out fist-pump neck breakers. The beats for the EP are provided by Hezekiah , Illmind, Street Orchestra, Oddisee, and J. Fish. Yes, Keziah's official solo entrance into the Hip-Hop world is a definite, "must download". Although this shouldn't be a surprise for those familiar with her older brother, producer and emcee, Hezekiah.

You see, making ill music runs in the family

The EP also features guest appearances by Rockness Monstah, Ishe and Katrina Gibson.

Don't Sleep, Check It Out...

Clip for Keziah - So Far So Close ft. ISHE (Prod. Oddisee)

Download the EP HERE