Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fly Forecast Thursday Fools !! HUF by Keith Hufnagel

Wassup Players ! We're back at you with another informative update : this week we will shine the spotlight on Keith Hufnagel's brand "HUF". If you're not familiar with Hufnagel he's rode strong with Deluxe Destribution's Real skateboards and Thunder trucks. What many may not know about Keith is that he and his friend Hanni El Khatlib produced a streetwear brand known as "HUF" short for hufnagel. This brand merges the doors of skateboarding and streetwear fashion , but overal salutes its loyalty to skateboarding. Their Brand ranges from 10-200 bucks and everywhere in between and offers versatile styles for even you grandparents so check it out son !!! HUF can be found on any online skate shop or your local skateshops.