Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All My Life - 'Ivan Ives'

Spring, the season of rebirth, is coming on quick. That's right, we are well into 2011 and you better get started on those new years resolutions.  Yeah, this cold winter that started last year is almost over and now spring is upon us.

It is time to come out of physical and mental dormancy and hit the streets on the good foot.

Being as that may, there are a lot of naysayers that, if they could have their way, want to put a stop to your chances of epic success. I say fuck that! 

As someone who's life endeavors have been mostly met with constructive criticism from others, that usually amounts to; "That's Impossible", "You can't do that", "It's undo-able" or "No one can do that", I can say that those responses usually come from people that have been brainwashed by society or are trying to make excuses for never going for their dreams and staying on a stagnant and pre-programmed life course. 

 However, the good thing is that we as human beings are not trains, the course of our lives are not rigid and unchangeable like oh so many railroad tracks...

"So you open them doors, and they hate when they see you get more; they say you really got to stick too what you know
Right? NO!
Get up and get YOURS!"
- Ivan Ives

Russian born Emcee, Ivan Ives, has been named as one of Rolling Stones Top 40 Artists to watch. Ivan Ives has released 4 albums; First Of The Month (2010), NEWSPEAK (2009), Iconoclast (2007), and Deus Ex Machina (2006). This track is from the most current album, First of The Month. Ivan Ives, who currently lives in Los Angeles CA, has worked and toured with several well known hip-hop artists. For our west coast readers, he has a show with RJD2 coming up May 7th in Eureka CA. You can check out his latest work and future tour dates on his pages located below.

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