Monday, March 28, 2011

City Update Pt. 3 (Blowin Up The Spot)

Originally we were gonna skate this spot first and get some more tricks. When we first got there some mark ass dude parked his van right by this skate obstacle.. I guess he thought it was a loading ramp or something. So we came back and the lil homies were there blowin up the spot! It was like 10 lil homies practicing Indy grabs and shit. So once they got kicked out, we had like 20 minutes to skate it before I had to bounce to work.. and these photos are the outcome

Brandon Cole- Ollie

Brandon - Tre bomb!

Larry - Back 180

A dope song from Tyler The Creator of OFWGKTA.. If you skate and arent hip to these niggas kill yoself!