Monday, March 21, 2011

DJ Aladdin - #Rare #Unreleased Style

It's 2011 and the DJ game is crazy, I'm talking intricate beat-juggles, really technical scratching, custom battle tracks, you name it, its being done. Well now lets take a step back and keep it 100%. Right now we're going to drop this raw footage of DJ Aladdin showcasing the rare and unreleased, "I Don't Give A Fuck Style". Take note new jacks, take note.

All jokes aside, don't get it twisted, DJ Aladdin is a true legend and innovator. One of the first DJ's to put the west coast on the map in the DJ world. Here is DJ Aladdin's DMC US Finals set; in better times...


"This is where it's at, taking that negative energy and turning it into positive energy" - DJ Aladdin