Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Out Here

Hope everyone had a good Go Skate day. Hit fools up, and apparently there was some huge event at Wilson skatepark but that's mad gay.. I fuckin hate skateparks, I'd rather be out in the streets. So I ended up skating with Uthus, Dave Thomas, Travus, and Jack. Shit was dope.

This is the first spot we skated. This shit was mad hard to skate, I didnt land anything. Dave and Jack almost got a front lip across it though.

Travus - Back Tail

Dave - Half Cab crooks

Jack - Front crooks

Alternate front crooks angle

I managed to get this back smith. Hyped on this photo

At the end of the day, Jack karate chopped his board in like 5 pieces.

Long lens shots courtesy of DUDE LIFE / Dave Thomas. Peep their blog here