Friday, June 17, 2011

Tre 14 All Day

Rolled through STL for a few days to kick it. Below are some rare classic golden collectibles.
This song below is an STL classic so it goes along well with this post. Whats even funnier.. the dude on the left side "JMC" looks exactly like Bobby.... Maybe Bobby used to be a rapper............we out here

Aint seen this nigga in a while. Definitely good seeing this fool back on the board. This was supposed to be a Nollie Noseblunt.. but turned out to be a Nollie Overcrook.. shit is still swagged up..

Jared with the No Comply tail slide

Lil homie was gettin it in! This nigga is gonna be killing the game in about 5 years.

Bobby hitting a back nose 180