Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fly Thursday Forecast !!!

Whether your out on your board shredding the streets with your homies or chillen with a couple of honeys, I have a variety of brands that will keep you looking fresh to shred and fresh for your lady at the same time. Today's featured brand of the week will be from : "The Hundreds". The Hundreds is a street-wear brand that started in Los Angeles , California by Ben & Bobby Hundreds. The brand gathered influence from the 80-90's skate/punk/hip hop culture of their time and features a dope ass unforgettable "Bomb" logo known as Adam The Bomb !The brand has items from flannels to footwear and everything in between to keep you looking fly on your everyday move. The Hundreds have 3 store based shops in LA, San Fran, and also The Big Apple NYC , yet the brand can be purchased on their website or on other websites such as

or your local skate shop