Friday, October 8, 2010

Skate Louis

Both videos Im sure everyone has seen or been a part of. Youngin's now days think its normal for niggas to roll through and put on a show in St Louis.. its expected in today's youth. I remember a time where nobody skated really.. back when niggas didnt skate at all, and if you had on skate shoes you were getting joned on in school. When I was coming up, you hardly met pros.. and the few times I remember pros coming through, they either A: talked shit on the only skatepark we had, or B: didnt skate at all. So what Im getting at here is.. St Louis has come a long ass way in this skate game, and its dope as hell to see our city getting more coverage- in ads, photos, and skate videos.. shit is dope...hell we even got Marty Murawski in town.. Its all because of YOU. The skaters.. The ones who went the extra mile to patch up a spot.. or shoot footage.. or even just stayed skating. Shit didn't always used to be this way- so don't take that shit for granted

We Are The City.......We Out Here