Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keep It Original

Some people have it all wrong when it comes to approaching the things that they do.

They are busy watching whatever styles are prevalent in their scene, often imitating them, and hoping that this misguided path will lead them to being “cool” or in the "in crowd"…

That's whack.

Nothing has ever come from being just like everyone else...well maybe except a false sense of group security.

Almost all progression originates from saying "Hey, Let me try it my way…"

You may end up with an “Unusual style”, but you best believe it will be doper than being another carbon copy. Isn't it better to create the trends instead of following them?

Like they say "Everyone on the planet earth is unique".

So if you JUST BE YOUR SELF then what you do will automatically be original….

Maylay Sparks – “Unusual Styles”

What can I say? I like that New York Random Rap Sound. But I’ll be back again with a fresh new joint for ya on the next post…