Monday, August 23, 2010

Interview: Jason Wussler aka J-WU

Jason Wussler is a cool guy who has been skating since 86’s. Jason is originally from St. Louis, but has been skating the streets of San Fransisco for over a decade. Jason has had parts in the first and second Western Edition videos, the Logic #9 video and Turf’s Up,(the first Turf video) and was also in the FTC videos #3 and #4 which was called “A Fine Line Between Love and Haight”.

TSM-what up dog? JW-hey what up! TSM-where you at? JW-I’m actually sitting on the beach in Waikiki drinking a bud writing down skate tricks I want to do.TSM-Awesome! I’m in Orlando on my sofa drinking a natty ice. (laughter)TSM-How long you skate for turf? JW- Like Rob dyrdek in that alien video I think it was? Day one baby- It’s been around three years now.TSM-Who’s on the team? JW-Sammy Baptista, Andre Genovesi, Mike York, LavarMcbride and myself. Also Larry redmon, jj rice, vitor Borger and lance carrera newton.

TSM-Who was your board sponsor before turf? JW- Western edition
TSM-So,I remember talk of you, Henry Sanchez and Brad Johnson starting acompany called ICS, whatever happened with that? JW-It was an idea we had that never took shape. We all skated together and it seemed right at that point. You can find footage of the video we were doing on youtube.TSM- How did you hook up with turf? JW- Mike York called me up and asked if I wanted to be part of a new company called turf and I was down.
TSM-How’s turf doing? JW- Turf is doing great. We have a strong sales team which was just recently formed this year. Being a part of the sales side of things as well, I’m able to see first hand what’s happening and the response has been tremondous.TSM-That’s awesome where you live? JW- San FranciscoTSM-What’s your favorite skate spot? JW- 3rd and army because there’s ledges everywhere. And you don’t get kicked out so it’s easier to focus on your tricks.

TSM-Favorite spot worldwide? JW- I’m gonna have to go with pier 7 back when everyone was still around and you could skate there all day.
TSM- Raddest trick you did there? JW- I don’t know, just switch crooks on those ledges was the best. Best sound ever! A tough one though was switch f/s shuvit fakie manual flip out. I saw so many ill tricks go down every day. So sick, just think of everyone who use to skate there, it went down.TSM-Damn that’s rad, what’s the raddest thing you ever done? JW- Umm like in life in general? (laughter) man, i don’t know that’s a crazy question! (laughter) I’m trying to think of how rad I’ve been.. I don’t know man. (laughter)TSM-Favorite band? JW- I listen to all kinds of stuff but mostly rap music. I could listen to pink Floyd all day though. I like it all. Music is a big part of my life. Like Lee Smith said, can you imagine life without music?

TSM- What set up do you ride? JW- Turf board, ventures, some wheels- golds or spits or turfs and diamond bolts with some Ftc or Huf griptape.TSM-So you like street skating? JW- Yeah, of course. Transition too.. I wish I could skate vert.
TSM-Have you heard of true mag? JW- Yeah, I’ve heard of true mag
TSM-We just started out, should be good. JW- Yeah man, it’s looking good! How’s that natty ice? (laughter) TSM- it’s doing the job, how’s that budweiser? JW- So good! It’s staying nice and cold cause I dug a big hole in the sand. Beach cooler! (laughter)TSM-You got any last words? JW- Thank you to everyone who has helped me out skating- Kent Uyehara and everyone @ FTC, Shawn Biega ( CEO ) and the whole Turf team, everyone @ streetcorner, Kelly Bird and Federico @ Lakai, Nick and everyone @ Diamond, and all my friends @ In4mation in Hawaii and everyone else along the way. Now get off the Internet and go skate! But first check out the Turf site,especially the shop tab! (laughter) Thanks! - Jason