Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We on one!

We was on 1 this weekend, skating super hard. It was definitely a good time kickin it and skating.. thats what its all about. Check some of what went down this weekend

Hit up this spot in Pine Lawn... nice bump to drop off

Sizing up the spot

Jabari Pendleton- Kickflip

This fool was hyped on our skating

Gotta show mad love to the upcoming YG's (young gangstas)
Chris Pettaway

Went to B-wood to do some documentation

Later, met up with some homies downtown


Oh yea, these fools were killing the bike game.. I guess

Aw yeaa that was just one day fool! Saturday we hit up this flatbar and met some peeps there too

OG Bobby, OG Joe Herbert, Chris, Jared

Chris with the back lip!!

more to come fools! if you got some heat send it over! stldotglobal@yahoo.com