Monday, August 30, 2010

Out Here Grinding....Literally

Yea, its Monday again... another day at school, work, slangin, banging, or whatever your hustle may be to survive on these streets. But this is why you come to the We Are The City blog to relieve yourself from that shit.. Another good weekend of skating and living life -

Went to shitside to do kick it and warm up, just so happens everyone was there hitting hella tricks!
Adam Edelman -Fs 5-0 nosegrab

Chris Jackson-Blunt to Fakie

OG Matt Minton- Fs Feeble

OG Joe Herbert- Bs Feeble to Fakie

below you will see some featured YG's (Im bad with names so unfortunately that part is left out)
BUT... these fools were ripping it up and are the future


Frontside Flip

Yes they did stick these tricks dont be sleeping on the young bucks cause they might fuck around and shit on you ....haha

Chris Smith - Fs Tailslide
Never been to this spot.. luckily the homie Chris was cool enough to take us here.. so you may be seeing more shit at this spot soon

Oh also, we hit this up out of pure randomness... Of all my years of living off of South Grand I have never been to this - Festival of Nations. It was pretty chill actually, lot of different cultures there.. and some really good looking food

We Out Here.. luckilly these people were cool enough to let us take a photo. I think they were from Upper Haight

But after all of that we decided to hit up this Qdoba across the street from the festival.. shit was on point!

Until the next time