Monday, August 30, 2010

Keep Keepin' It Real...

It's no doubt that times are rough out here. It Seems like some corporation is always tryin' to push some new style or some whimsical bullshit down your throat and on your back at every turn in an effort to make money off your ass. And you best be sure that there is no shortage of soulless kids who wanna walk like you, talk like you and look like you. I'm an old head and we used to call it "posing". Posing has been turned into a science. They even have stores dedicated to this. You can walk right in and buy what I call, "costumes"; like a "random skater guy" costume; a "token Hip-Hop Head" costume or maybe a "future stripper in training" costume for your sister. Shit's so bad, that now a days, you might see your mom wearing a "DC" Shirt.

That's right your MOM is a poser

"shit's rough in these streets" to quote a fellow OG.

But I back to whole point of this post, which is "Keepin' It Real", and leave you with Fat Joe's "Shit is Real".

This track was Fat Joe's retort to the overwhelming flood of fake gangsta rappers in the mid 90's and is a cut of his album "Jealous One's Envy" (J.O.E.). That's right Fat Joe was known for keepin' it real as a graffiti artist and member of the legendary hip-hop crew D.I.T.C. back in the day.

This all being before his current exploits driving speed boats with ex-corrections officer turned mafia Don, Rick Ross, in Miami... that shit is real too... some real bullshh...... But you get the point.


btw "We Out Here!"