Tuesday, August 17, 2010


"Afgani Soldier + Skateboard + AK47"

As you probably don't know; I always have an ear and eye open for interesting things happening everywhere...OUT HERE. Ran across this article on a skateboarding school & skateboarding scene in Afghanistan of all places. It's stuff like this that gets me motivated to keep doing whatever I'm doing. If they're keeping it real "there"; then there is no excuse for hesitation "here".

& Build your scene...

"...We skated the craziest spots. We went to an old, destroyed palace called the Tajbeg Palace. It was guarded by a couple of Afghan soldiers, and they said it was alright for us to skate there. After a while it got crazy. The soldiers were trying to skate and we were helping them and holding their guns. My friend even did an ollie with an AK-47 around his neck..."

Check out the article Online - FRANK 151 - Skateistan

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