Monday, January 10, 2011

Out Here with C.beond

Where are you from?
What's up homie? I'm from St. Louis, born and raised.

What is your thought process you go through when coming up with a beat... do you think your moods from dealing with day to day situation affect how your final beat turns out?
I really don't have a set process. I hear something from an old record from any genre that stands out to me and I try to translate into hip hop beats. If there was any one thing that is routine, it would be that I always do the drums first; that gives me a vibe to go on. Moods can definitely have an effect on the beat sometimes. It's hard to pinpoint because sometimes I can be in a bad mood but the beat turns out to be mellow. No matter, how I'm feeling on a particular day, it's something that I have to do. It has become a way of meditation for me kind of. Definitely helps clear the mind sometimes.

What does WATC mean to you?
To me, we are the city means affirming what you do and then sharing it with the world. Sometimes ideas and projects are sparked because it may trigger ideas in someone else. It's all about building a culture of art in various forms.

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