Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out Here with Jeff Rasp

Out Here with Jeff Rasp

What's up....where are you from?
Yo I'm from Belleville, IL, representing the IL side

Man..your a young guy out did you get into skateboarding...and what keeps you skating?
Yeah, I started skated 9 years ago when my cousin brought over his WWF Steve Austin board, after seeing him be able to jump off the ground with the board not attached to him, I knew I had to learn. I think the thing that keeps me skating is that you can pretty much do whatever you want while skating, you don't have to do what other people are doing to have fun, and that's awesome.

You're out in LA right now tell us a little about that?

Man LA is amazing, but the kids out here have no idea how easy they have it. The spots are perfect and so is the weather, and coming from the Midwest that is something new to me. It makes me love our scene even more though, how we have to build spots and come together to make skating happen in the winter....

Whats one thing you felt that Skateboarding has taught you about yourself?
Skateboarding has taught me to look at everything in a different way, and to not take things for granted...

Thanks for doing this interview....what does WATC....mean to you?
Yeah man, thanks for the opportunity, and to me WATC is a group of individuals coming together for a common cause and supporting everyone who is down with it.

Shouts out to Jeff Rasp and Kyle for sending us this footy! WE OUT HERE