Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trek Life - Ready To Live

There are a lot of things out here that are affecting everyone and getting people down. People are out here working hard for little pay. Some people are having a hard time even getting any kind of job. The price of living is on the rise even as wages stay the same. All the while bills keep coming like nothing has changed. Lets not forget all the other things in life like family drama, relationships, unexpected set backs, and bad health.

Through all of that bullshit, and those tough times, DO NOT remain stagnant and dwell on the negative things.

Yeah sometimes we go through a lot of mess, but no matter whether...

I am rich or poor,
goodtimes or bad times,
sunny days or dark nights,

one thing always remains the same. I am ready to live.

Trek Life - "Ready To Live"

Trek Life is an established Emcee from Los Angeles CA. Trek Life has large list of releases that have gained the attention of hip-hop listeners and artists from across the globe. His latest album is "Everything Changed Nothing". This is the first track "Ready to Live".

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Written by DJ Kase One
For - We Are The City - http://we-are-the-city.blogspot.com