Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tef Poe Is The War Machine

 "...If you don't like me, I'll fly a plane through your psyche, I'm Tupac in Marty Mcfly's Nike's..."

Veteren Saint Louis MC Tef Poe has recently dropped his latest album,"War Machine". If you haven't already heard of the music Tef Poe then now is the time to acquaint yourself.  A member of the Saint Louis hip-hop coalition, "The Force", Tef Poe has always had  the reputation for always coming with 100% dopeness no matter the situation; With the lyrics and vocal energy to straight incinerate the mic.

Tef Poe is what you should be listening to right now.

Nowadays very few albums, even ones by the most popular and well known artists, are listenable in their entirety. Its seems like currently everyone has flooded every blog, mixtape site, and hip-hop page with a plethora of wack, half-assed, free EP's, and Albums. This is NOT the case with Tef's album, "War Machine".

Tef Poe is Declaring WAR! on all wack shit.

Tef Poe laces the entire album, a total of 19 tracks, with his unique, intricate, and powerful wordplay. With tracks like the club banger, "Money Over Here", to the headbanger "Fly A Plane", the melodic "Retail Kings" , back to athems like "Unfuckwittable"; Tef Poe leaves no stone unturned. "War Machine" encompasses a collage of tracks that transverses a spectrum of styles.

      This album is great from beginning to end,
there are no detours or diversions. 

"War Machine" takes place over a  medley of hard hitting beats from local Saint Louis producers, Tech Supreme, InHouse Production, Urban Legendz, and Basement Beats. The album also features guest appearances from Teresa Jenee, QB of Family Affair, Rockwell Knuckles, Theresa Payne, Gangsta Gritz, Vandalyzm, and Erick Richardson

And guess what? It's free...you have no excuse for not checking it out...

"...This is not an album, This is revolution..."
"...This is not that bullshit, This is real music..."
-Tef Poe-

 Join The War Machine!

Listen To The Album Below, While You Download...

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Written by DJ KASE ONE for WeAreTheCity