Friday, November 19, 2010

OUT HERE WITH: FnF Media Canada Homies!

I know by now you guys are familiar with FnF.. they have been showing us mad love. Initially I found their blog about a year ago, while lurking skate sites at work. As we started WATC I thought it would be ill to link them, because they have legit content.. and they shred! Eventually we were getting them site traffic too and thats when they gave us the interview. So WATC is showing love back to "For Now and Forever"
Answers: Matt Macleod , Clayton Groenendyk

FnF Portraits

What is FnF all about?

FnF is all about Skateboarding. The lifestyle, the fun, friends, everything that skateboarding brings us in our lives.

Who are the Authors/Crew members?

The authors behind the site are Sean Hanebury, Benson Wishart, Clayton Groenendyk, Matt MacLeod and the crew is anyone we skate with. It keeps growin on a daily basis!

Sean Hanebury - Lip To Five O
Sean Hanebury - Lip to 5-0

So how long has FnF been around, and who came up with the idea?

Clayton and I started working on it in March of 2009 but didn't have it up and running till around the end of April 2009. So bout a year and a half now

You guys are killing it with the sequences! Who does the photography and is that a passion outside of skating?

(Matt) I do the principle photography for the site, and actually it was a passion that spawned from skateboarding. I started shooting photos of my friends skating for media class assignments in grade 11. Once I started shooting I knew it was something I wanted to keep on perusing.

Matt MacLeod - Crook to Fakie
Matt Macleod - Crooks to Fakie

Sick!! So what's your favorite part about running FnF?

Clayton- having a place to post whatever we like and contribute to a collective idea.

Matt - I just love posting! It's a way for myself to be come up with creative ideas, expand and put them into action.

Whats the Skate Scene like in Vancouver BC?

Vancouver is kind of like the California of Canada, so there are so many talented skateboarders from across the nation living here. The Greater Vancouver area sprawls out pretty far so there is different scenes in different communites. Everywhere is unique making Vancouver an amazing place to live!

What about the spots? Butter, Rough, or just plain Gnarly?

It really all depends where you go in B.C., basically if your willing to drive around you can find anything you want to skate. But beware you have to search pretty hard for ledges because everything is capped! Like you see ledges that are like 8 feet tall and that shit is capped. Like what the fuck who's gonna skate a 8 foot wall. Oh yea, and they cap little curbs too. No ledge is safe!

Benson Wishart - Nollie Flip
Benson Wishart- Nollie Flip

So do the cops give you shit?

Most cops you meet are pretty nice when it comes to skating and weed too. If you get caught with weed they'll sit you down question you take your info and that's it. Every once and a awhile you get some dick but for the most part they're chill.

Thats dope! You guys ever take any trips to other States/Countries?

Last June we went on a trip to New York City. We stayed in a hostel in central Manhattan for eight days and just cruised around the city. All of us are from small towns and were amazed at how big NYC was. Everywhere we went there seemed to be un-capped marble ledges which just blew us away. You think Wall Street would have some money in their budget for caps haha. Eight days wasn't enough and we all want to get back for another visit!

Describe one thing that Skating has taught you about LIFE?

Clayton-to do everything for the love of it and by building on something small, you can turn it into anything you can imagine.

Matt - It's taught me that you aren't going to land everything first try. As you progress landing things first try will get easier but only after learning from your previous mistakes. The only way to get anywhere or land shit is hard work and keeping a positive attitude.

Clayton Groenendky - Back Smith
Clayton Groenendky - Back Smith

Last and final question, What does the statement "We Are The City" mean to you?

We are the city to us means, that it is people doing positive things in the city that makes it what it is. Not the bright lights and Skyscrapers.

FnF from FnF Media on Vimeo.