Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From the Clarence Archives

Todays lesson is about photography. Whether you're into shooting scenic, skate, box clips, or even porno shots.. you have to go with that natural steez..
You have to keep it real


This is a photo shot by Clarence.. very natural.. the skateboard and camera are both in a natural environment (shitside) hell, theres even someone rockin Jenoski's in the background ..
Makes sense right?


This photo was taken by my nigga Bobby. Now, don't get it twisted Bobby can take some good photos. But this one.....crucial. A vx2000 and a cruiser board would never just be laying around in a forest or wooded area..

So remember kids.. next time you're takin that money shot.. just be natural with that shit and let your inner steez flow.. Steez don't come with eaze.. unless you are the city..

We Out Here!!