Friday, November 26, 2010

Out Here with George Jadelrab

Out Here With George Jadelrab

Where are you from?
im from the BAY!!! lol

Idk…bout you but when I started skatin….I used to get made fun of…did you have that problem growin up in SF…
i just feel like people just don't understand skateboarding. i still get weirded out when regular people talk about skating now a days because when i started people didn't really think it was that cool or acceptable… i mean SF is the skateboarding hub but once you leave the skateboarding scene regular people just don't get it. people always assume that stereo typical "skater" role… a "white boy" who listens to "rock music" and goes around acting like a "rebel". but in reality "skaters" come from all different ethnic backgrounds and neighborhoods which gives them each a different influence that they bring to skateboarding…

You been in these streets for along time grindin…and are still skating…I was wondering what were some of the most enjoyable years for you skateboarding? Why
to be honest im still having fun skating lol but my most enjoyable years were probably when i was like eighteen or nineteen… life was just more simple then. i always had a job and was working but i wasn't really concentrated on my future at that time. my life was stress-free you could say except for my couple bills my life really revolved strictly around skateboarding.

After all these years, what motivates you to keep on skating…because I’m sure that you have a lot of homies who quit skatin years ago?
yea a lot of my close homies that i grew up skating with and looking up to quit. to be real, life just gets in the way of skateboarding sometimes. me and bobby were just having this conversation last nite via text lol but yea skateboarding is only one aspect of life. as you get older you realize that there are other things that get in the way… work, make money, pay rent/ bills, family drama, partying, girlfriend drama… i mean the list goes on and on. but sometimes you get lucky and can balance everything and still keep skating as a main priority.

Do you prefer to skate in skateparks or in metropolitan areas? WHY
the way i see it skateboarding is an urban artform that came from the streets. its not a sport. i grew up skating the streets and really when i was younger there weren't any skateparks even around. i mean i have nothing wrong with skateparks but its just not for me.

You skate with Jabari alot do you have any crazy moments that you guys encountered together?
yea actually the other day i beat him in an arm wrestling match… hahaha

Out of all the places you been to in the world, what was your favorite place to skate? WHY
i hella like NY for skating, its so big and there is so much untouched stuff in that city… if NY didn't have a winter that would be the only other place i could see my self living. i really want to check out Chicago though, heard a lot of good things.

There are a lot of skate hippies in you have any advice for them?
get some deodorant

Thanks for doing this interview…I would like to ask you what does the statement, “WE ARE THE CITY” mean to you?
it represents a movement to rep your city to the fullest... and as larry says, "WE OUT HERE!"