Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interview: Jason Pillow

"Been Out" here with Jason Pillow
Skateboarding is not a job; its an adventure.

Where are you from?
STL... in fact I was born on Grand in the big building with the green roof...

You been in these streetz for a long time….when and how did you start skating?
Around 1984... I was wearing a lot of OP shirts which had surf imagery, and I asked my Grandpa in Virginia if I could surf out there sometime.. he suggested I start skateboarding first. My very 1st board was a plain-ass wooden lil number from Kay-Bee toys!

And still skating…I was wondering what were some of the most enjoyable years for you skateboarding? Why
Honestly... looking was the early years, when I only knew a handful of other skaters... we all had Variflex boards from Target and had never seen a skate mag or video. Which sounds weak... I suppose but it felt more intimate. We were all there was, as far as we knew. We must have knew there was more...but it didn't matter. I learned to ollie w/o ever seeing anyone do one... someone had simply described the idea to me. Early grab airs off curb-cuts,acid-drops, power slides..

noseslide cira early 90's

What’s your favorite obstacle to skate?

circa early 1990's

When I was a lil kid…I was at kiener plaza skatin and saw your initials on top of a parking garage…so im guessing you used to get up?
yeahhh... Is that still there? I did a piece up there on the walls were the elevators come out on top... middle of the day... just busted it out. A smoking Uzi... Surely, I'm just a toy in the graffiti world, but, yeah, y'know Ive dabbled. Had a few up on MetroLink, probably faded by now

I’m sure you got some wild stories from livin in STL….what was one of the most wildest stories you experienced in the city?
Well, back when the Darst-Webbe projects were still there I got mobbed by like 30 dudes... nothing even happened, but I remember looking back and this crowd running across 12th st. Nobody really ever messed with me even when I was alone cruisin' around North Side lookin for spots... Sidenote: I found the tennis courts and Vashon pool from my schoolbus window.

Since you been in the skate game for along time…is there any advice you would give to the yg’s just getting into skateboarding?
Its not a job; its an adventure.

Thanks for doing this interview…I would like to ask you what does the statement, “WE ARE THE CITY” mean to you?
Well, We ARE the CITY... and WE know who WE are...