Friday, November 5, 2010



ollie manny sequence

Where are you from originally?
Stl born and raised

So how long you been out here in these streets skating?
Man.. On and off since 2001 back when niggas was skatin locust and garrison

Is skateboarding your only passion? If you have another passion explain? What keeps you doing your passion or passions?
besides skating I'm also a musician, which goes perfectly with skating. I think the main thing that keeps me consistent with any passion is to constantly find new inspiration.. Once you got the inspiration all you gotta do is put your feelings and thoughts into action.


How do you feel about the STL scene?skate/nitelife/music scene?
Skate scene and nightlife is chill cause stl is pretty close knit and you run into the homies all the time. The music scene not so much.. People hate on eachother too much and don't work together like we should. We need to show each other more love. If I ever get anywhere musically imma definitely make sure stl is noticed.. Cause there's too much talent here

Have you ever been to any other states, countries, or planets and skated? If so where….?
Ive been to Toronto, San Francisco, Chi Town, Louisville, Detroit, Ontario, and Mexico.. not too many places..But I actually just got back from Mars on this land saucer.. They got some sick spots..and some crazy thick females

You just turned Dub 1 what did you do for your birthday?
Man.. Kicked it hella hard in SF and had a blast.. Definitely the best way to bring in the big 21

I heard you are moving? Where / Why?
Moving to chicago.. Been saving to move out for a while to get back in school and pursue music.. Other cities didn't work out like I thought plus chi town is close to the homies and fam... We out here

Do you think you are going to ever move back to STL?
Imma def be back a lot to visit fools.. But as for now imma try to make this happen and see where it takes me


So you started WATC?WHY/WHEN?
It started with me getting a still camera to take skate shots of the homies.. Shortly after the homie Bobby got the VX.. and we just began to do our own thing. Eventually we needed a more legit way to publish shit besides facebook. So we had an idea to make a blog about what we do.. And expanded that to an all-city vibe. Its come a long way since we started and we're getting a lot of positive feedback. Def a good feeling to contribute to the skate/music/art scene

I feel like everybody has a different view point on what the American Dream is….I was wondering what would be your idea of the American Dream?
the american dream isn't about money or social status.. Its about doing what you love and being happy. If you can get by doing what you love.. Then in my opinion you're more successful than the cooperate douche bag that everyone wants to be

I heard Bobby is taking you to the East side to the shake joint for your last weekend in STL?
Word! Yea no place in the world has strip clubs like east saint.. Shit is so hood and grimey. Brooklyn illinois fool! If ya don't know now ya know

Last and final question what does the statement “We Are The City” mean to you?
To me its about the inner city lifestyle. The city would be nothing without US and by US I mean everyone.. From StL to Ny to LA to Vancouver..everywhere we out here! We all have our own unique elements that contribute to what our city is all about. WeAreTheCity fool!