Monday, November 29, 2010

Rap Beef! : It's On!

Seems like every few months there is some new rap beef between two rappers who barely know each other. But I wanna take a time out to got back to the early 90's and one of the more interesting ones.

Dr. Dre Vs. Eazy-E

Lets kick it off with the videos...

Dr. Dre - Dre Day

Eazy E - Real Muthaphukkin G's

There could have been some debate on who's diss was better but Eazy-E won this round with those "World Class Wreckin' Crew" photos of Dr. Dre in the video and on the album art work. There was no chance of Dr. Dre coming back from those. Eazy-E even put Dre on blast dedicating the whole backside of his album to him. Check out the statement at the lower right corner. I don't how Eazy-E could have publicly dissed him any more than that.

And to top it off since Dr. Dre was still signed to Eazy-E's label; Eazy-E still got a sizeable cut from all of his Albums and Singles after his departure from Ruthless records, hence the line in the video, "'Dre Day' only made Eazy's payday"...

Mike Price:lil nigga got hops

Mike Price-Ollie

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Out Here with George Jadelrab

Out Here With George Jadelrab

Where are you from?
im from the BAY!!! lol

Idk…bout you but when I started skatin….I used to get made fun of…did you have that problem growin up in SF…
i just feel like people just don't understand skateboarding. i still get weirded out when regular people talk about skating now a days because when i started people didn't really think it was that cool or acceptable… i mean SF is the skateboarding hub but once you leave the skateboarding scene regular people just don't get it. people always assume that stereo typical "skater" role… a "white boy" who listens to "rock music" and goes around acting like a "rebel". but in reality "skaters" come from all different ethnic backgrounds and neighborhoods which gives them each a different influence that they bring to skateboarding…

You been in these streets for along time grindin…and are still skating…I was wondering what were some of the most enjoyable years for you skateboarding? Why
to be honest im still having fun skating lol but my most enjoyable years were probably when i was like eighteen or nineteen… life was just more simple then. i always had a job and was working but i wasn't really concentrated on my future at that time. my life was stress-free you could say except for my couple bills my life really revolved strictly around skateboarding.

After all these years, what motivates you to keep on skating…because I’m sure that you have a lot of homies who quit skatin years ago?
yea a lot of my close homies that i grew up skating with and looking up to quit. to be real, life just gets in the way of skateboarding sometimes. me and bobby were just having this conversation last nite via text lol but yea skateboarding is only one aspect of life. as you get older you realize that there are other things that get in the way… work, make money, pay rent/ bills, family drama, partying, girlfriend drama… i mean the list goes on and on. but sometimes you get lucky and can balance everything and still keep skating as a main priority.

Do you prefer to skate in skateparks or in metropolitan areas? WHY
the way i see it skateboarding is an urban artform that came from the streets. its not a sport. i grew up skating the streets and really when i was younger there weren't any skateparks even around. i mean i have nothing wrong with skateparks but its just not for me.

You skate with Jabari alot do you have any crazy moments that you guys encountered together?
yea actually the other day i beat him in an arm wrestling match… hahaha

Out of all the places you been to in the world, what was your favorite place to skate? WHY
i hella like NY for skating, its so big and there is so much untouched stuff in that city… if NY didn't have a winter that would be the only other place i could see my self living. i really want to check out Chicago though, heard a lot of good things.

There are a lot of skate hippies in you have any advice for them?
get some deodorant

Thanks for doing this interview…I would like to ask you what does the statement, “WE ARE THE CITY” mean to you?
it represents a movement to rep your city to the fullest... and as larry says, "WE OUT HERE!"

Road Trippin With: DJ KASE ONE pt. 1

These are some shots from a recent trip to the Louisville skatepark..
We'll throw up some footy from this too..eventually.. so be on the look out for that shit










Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yep Yep it's that time of the year again... Have a good one... Just remember to bring us a plate and save some fuckin pie for WeAreTheCity

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beast From The Midwest

Jabari Pendelton-Kickflip


Do NOT Sleep on this event!
'Black Friday' Nov. 26th!


+ Art + Music + Shop +

+ A Collaboration between W/P and Lane 4 +

PSA from DMNDTV // Ryan Powell on Vimeo.

Visual Art:
Brooklyn + Jenn Carter + Phil Crawford + Chris Draper + Mike Dupree + James Gates + Chauncey Gholston + Andrew St. Lawrence + Scott Mihalik + Pl@stic + Raskoe + Peter Seay + Swiv + Jules Unique + John Vogl + Bryan Walsh + Jeremiah Yu

Live Music:
Illphonics + So Many Dynamos + Hawthorne Headhunters

DJ Reminise + DJ KaseOne + DJ Luxxter

Video Art:
Ryan Powell

Live Art:
them. + Black Spade + Pl@stic

Stage Design:

Curated by:
Stan Chisholm + Kevin McCoy


2720 Cherokee St.
Friday Nov 26
$5 Suggested Donation

And If you need an event to check out before then; Don't forget About......

_CommunityService_ + Wednesday @ Upstairs Lounge

10:00pm - December 8 at 10:00pm

LocationUpstairs Lounge
3131 S. Grand Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO

Created By

More Info

++++++++++++18andCounting & Ryan Powell++++++++++

+++Wed Nights + Upstairs Lounge + No Cover + 10p-3a++++

Multi Genre Jams + Interactive Art & Video + Community Renewal
+ Unique Social Activities + Special Guests + Remarkable Humans

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In The Sunshine...

You gotta keep the music you listen to diverse!
Brazil got Jazz, Brazil got Soul, and it's all in the sunshine...


From the Clarence Archives

Todays lesson is about photography. Whether you're into shooting scenic, skate, box clips, or even porno shots.. you have to go with that natural steez..
You have to keep it real


This is a photo shot by Clarence.. very natural.. the skateboard and camera are both in a natural environment (shitside) hell, theres even someone rockin Jenoski's in the background ..
Makes sense right?


This photo was taken by my nigga Bobby. Now, don't get it twisted Bobby can take some good photos. But this one.....crucial. A vx2000 and a cruiser board would never just be laying around in a forest or wooded area..

So remember kids.. next time you're takin that money shot.. just be natural with that shit and let your inner steez flow.. Steez don't come with eaze.. unless you are the city..

We Out Here!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Out Here With: STL

Don't really know how I feel about this..

Dope Ass Banner

The homegirl Tarza came up with this.. I thought it was DOPE!! Debating on making it the new banner.. Inputs?


While at work surfing on the internet, I came across the homie Worful's photography site....Check it out, there's alot of dope photos....Click here to go to Worful's site.

Nice work Worf....If you do not know who Worful is, he is the guy who takes most of the photos on the pretty site.....We Out Here....We Are The City

Sunday, November 21, 2010

FYI...Don't Throw Babies In Trash Cans.

After sifting through thousands of records over the years, you best belive that I've found some weird, crazy and laughable music. But Disco Rick's "Babies In Trash Cans" just might take the cake.

First look at the song title might have you expecting some deep thought provoking song like Tupac's "Brenda's Got A Baby"

...well Disco Rick just set you up for an EPIC FAIL.

You gotta give Disco Rick two points in creativity for mixing epic amounts of misogyny, vulgarity and ignorance with a societal issue to create a masterpiece of wack rap. From the opening line of "We got to educate the ho's" You know this song is going to be all bad, well except for the copious amounts of laughter.....
Disco Rick - Babies In Trash Cans

DJ KASE ONE <---Get At Me...Peace

Portland Holding It Down

This is whats happening in my city right now.
Exit Real World is one of the local shops here in Portland Oregon.
Check out this video. These kids really hold it down.
Watch out for the ollie between the trees...its insane.
Shout outs to Rob, Josh and Eric over at the shop for holding it down.

New Authors to the Site

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Friday, November 19, 2010

OUT HERE WITH: FnF Media Canada Homies!

I know by now you guys are familiar with FnF.. they have been showing us mad love. Initially I found their blog about a year ago, while lurking skate sites at work. As we started WATC I thought it would be ill to link them, because they have legit content.. and they shred! Eventually we were getting them site traffic too and thats when they gave us the interview. So WATC is showing love back to "For Now and Forever"
Answers: Matt Macleod , Clayton Groenendyk

FnF Portraits

What is FnF all about?

FnF is all about Skateboarding. The lifestyle, the fun, friends, everything that skateboarding brings us in our lives.

Who are the Authors/Crew members?

The authors behind the site are Sean Hanebury, Benson Wishart, Clayton Groenendyk, Matt MacLeod and the crew is anyone we skate with. It keeps growin on a daily basis!

Sean Hanebury - Lip To Five O
Sean Hanebury - Lip to 5-0

So how long has FnF been around, and who came up with the idea?

Clayton and I started working on it in March of 2009 but didn't have it up and running till around the end of April 2009. So bout a year and a half now

You guys are killing it with the sequences! Who does the photography and is that a passion outside of skating?

(Matt) I do the principle photography for the site, and actually it was a passion that spawned from skateboarding. I started shooting photos of my friends skating for media class assignments in grade 11. Once I started shooting I knew it was something I wanted to keep on perusing.

Matt MacLeod - Crook to Fakie
Matt Macleod - Crooks to Fakie

Sick!! So what's your favorite part about running FnF?

Clayton- having a place to post whatever we like and contribute to a collective idea.

Matt - I just love posting! It's a way for myself to be come up with creative ideas, expand and put them into action.

Whats the Skate Scene like in Vancouver BC?

Vancouver is kind of like the California of Canada, so there are so many talented skateboarders from across the nation living here. The Greater Vancouver area sprawls out pretty far so there is different scenes in different communites. Everywhere is unique making Vancouver an amazing place to live!

What about the spots? Butter, Rough, or just plain Gnarly?

It really all depends where you go in B.C., basically if your willing to drive around you can find anything you want to skate. But beware you have to search pretty hard for ledges because everything is capped! Like you see ledges that are like 8 feet tall and that shit is capped. Like what the fuck who's gonna skate a 8 foot wall. Oh yea, and they cap little curbs too. No ledge is safe!

Benson Wishart - Nollie Flip
Benson Wishart- Nollie Flip

So do the cops give you shit?

Most cops you meet are pretty nice when it comes to skating and weed too. If you get caught with weed they'll sit you down question you take your info and that's it. Every once and a awhile you get some dick but for the most part they're chill.

Thats dope! You guys ever take any trips to other States/Countries?

Last June we went on a trip to New York City. We stayed in a hostel in central Manhattan for eight days and just cruised around the city. All of us are from small towns and were amazed at how big NYC was. Everywhere we went there seemed to be un-capped marble ledges which just blew us away. You think Wall Street would have some money in their budget for caps haha. Eight days wasn't enough and we all want to get back for another visit!

Describe one thing that Skating has taught you about LIFE?

Clayton-to do everything for the love of it and by building on something small, you can turn it into anything you can imagine.

Matt - It's taught me that you aren't going to land everything first try. As you progress landing things first try will get easier but only after learning from your previous mistakes. The only way to get anywhere or land shit is hard work and keeping a positive attitude.

Clayton Groenendky - Back Smith
Clayton Groenendky - Back Smith

Last and final question, What does the statement "We Are The City" mean to you?

We are the city to us means, that it is people doing positive things in the city that makes it what it is. Not the bright lights and Skyscrapers.

FnF from FnF Media on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Too Deep For The Intro

If you don't have this mixtape you are definitely sleeping. One of the realist artists out right now, mos def check it out you can download it here

Connetic Apparel New Rider: George Jadelrab

Check out the homie George Jadelrab (click here)
Just got put on Connetic Apparel.. they got some more photos on their blog and a mini-interview. Oh yea and George also has a WeAreTheCity interview droppin next week so be on the lookout for that!

Loopin' It Up

These are some ill shots from a journey in the Loop one day.. its always nice to run into shit like this





Here's a song from The Alchemist featuring Evidence, Blu, Talib and Kid Cudi.. dope ass song off the album Chemical Warfare

listen to this shit blaze one and get amped to skate!

Stayin Updated with Jason Wussler(TURF)

Turf at the expected to drop in a couple of months.

Jason Wussler going the distance with a fs 5-0 to switch crooks back to regs

Monday, November 15, 2010

STLs: Randy Ploesser....


Oldie but a Goodie

one of my favorite pictures from the SF trip.. man this shit is classic. Some of yall may have seen this via FaceFuck... but fuck it we out here we are the city.. and shit gets re-published around here

oh, and if ya didnt know, to the right is one of skateboarding's dopest photographers... GOTO.. you can check him out here

Instead of Ledges....Skate Barriers

While we were skating the up-ledge.. Bobby thought it would be ill to skate the high part from flat... switch...

Bobby Taylor Sw Noseslide

Jets & Planes

peep this song the homies sent over

Sunday, November 14, 2010

While kickin it with KaseOne

A used tampon on the dance floor.....turn off the radio and turn on see what can happen....only in the city....WATC

OutHere with Kase One

Livin every second to the fullest....WATC4LIFE

Friday, November 12, 2010


"High winds do not last all morning.

Heavy rain does not last all day.

Why is this? Heaven and Earth!

If Heaven and Earth can not make things eternal,

How is it possible for man? “

Lao Tsu – Tao Te Ching - #23

The only thing constant in life is change…

Seems like there are a few people out here are missing that fact nowadays. Through all situations in life, know that things will always change.

No negative situation will last forever.

Anything that you have issue with can and will change; use this as an incentive to take action. The current state of affairs will and is changing; Your action can make a difference and bring about the kind of change that YOU want!

So finish that degree, start going to school for a degree or just take a class for the hell of it…Read a new book, listen to some different music, talk to some different people, see some different places and think in different ways to make sure your mental faculties are continuously changing for the better!

So simply get out and do something!


“Change, my life has changed, changed and I will never be the same…”

“Yo…stop frontin’ and use your head…”

Shadez Of Brooklyn - "Change"

DJ KASE ONE - Represent...

New Video:Ryan Sublette

BOYISH from jackson casey on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We on 1

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Interview: Jason Pillow

"Been Out" here with Jason Pillow
Skateboarding is not a job; its an adventure.

Where are you from?
STL... in fact I was born on Grand in the big building with the green roof...

You been in these streetz for a long time….when and how did you start skating?
Around 1984... I was wearing a lot of OP shirts which had surf imagery, and I asked my Grandpa in Virginia if I could surf out there sometime.. he suggested I start skateboarding first. My very 1st board was a plain-ass wooden lil number from Kay-Bee toys!

And still skating…I was wondering what were some of the most enjoyable years for you skateboarding? Why
Honestly... looking was the early years, when I only knew a handful of other skaters... we all had Variflex boards from Target and had never seen a skate mag or video. Which sounds weak... I suppose but it felt more intimate. We were all there was, as far as we knew. We must have knew there was more...but it didn't matter. I learned to ollie w/o ever seeing anyone do one... someone had simply described the idea to me. Early grab airs off curb-cuts,acid-drops, power slides..

noseslide cira early 90's

What’s your favorite obstacle to skate?

circa early 1990's

When I was a lil kid…I was at kiener plaza skatin and saw your initials on top of a parking garage…so im guessing you used to get up?
yeahhh... Is that still there? I did a piece up there on the walls were the elevators come out on top... middle of the day... just busted it out. A smoking Uzi... Surely, I'm just a toy in the graffiti world, but, yeah, y'know Ive dabbled. Had a few up on MetroLink, probably faded by now

I’m sure you got some wild stories from livin in STL….what was one of the most wildest stories you experienced in the city?
Well, back when the Darst-Webbe projects were still there I got mobbed by like 30 dudes... nothing even happened, but I remember looking back and this crowd running across 12th st. Nobody really ever messed with me even when I was alone cruisin' around North Side lookin for spots... Sidenote: I found the tennis courts and Vashon pool from my schoolbus window.

Since you been in the skate game for along time…is there any advice you would give to the yg’s just getting into skateboarding?
Its not a job; its an adventure.

Thanks for doing this interview…I would like to ask you what does the statement, “WE ARE THE CITY” mean to you?
Well, We ARE the CITY... and WE know who WE are...